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Aluminium-silicon powder

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Our Aluminium-silicon powder is a high-quality alloy that has been specially developed for its superior properties in additive manufacturing and other demanding industrial applications.

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Product description:

Aluminium-silicon is an aluminium alloy to which silicon is added as a second component in addition to the main component aluminium. As pure aluminium-silicon alloys are not 100% hardenable, other substances must be added for most applications.

Magnesium or copper are often used for this purpose. Aluminium-silicon powder with mostly spherical particles can be used for the additive manufacturing of workpieces where low weight, high corrosion resistance and high dynamic load-bearing capacity are crucial.

In the ever-advancing world of materials science and manufacturing technologies, aluminium-silicon powder represents a significant innovation. This special alloy combines the lightness and corrosion resistance of aluminium with the hardness and heat resistance of silicon, resulting in a material that is unsurpassed in a variety of demanding industrial applications. From the aerospace and automotive industries to electronics manufacturing, our aluminium-silicon powder offers key advantages that make it a preferred material for the development of future-proof products.

Mechanical and thermal properties

The alloy of aluminium and silicon offers an outstanding combination of mechanical properties, including increased strength and improved elastic moduli, compared to pure aluminium. These properties make the powder ideal for the manufacture of components that need to be both lightweight and highly resilient. In addition, the silicon content significantly improves the material's thermal conductivity, making it an excellent choice for heat transfer applications such as heat sinks and electronic housings.

Application in additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing, has revolutionised the way we think about product development and manufacturing. Our aluminium-silicon powder is specially optimised for these innovative manufacturing processes. It enables the production of complex, customised components with precise specifications that are difficult or impossible to achieve with conventional manufacturing methods. The alloy's excellent machinability and mouldability ensure the high quality and precision of the end products, which is particularly advantageous in the aerospace and automotive industries and for medical implants.

Sustainability and efficiency

In addition to the technical benefits, our aluminium-silicon powder also contributes to sustainability goals. Aluminium is one of the most recycled metals, and the use of our alloy in production supports the use of recycled materials to reduce the environmental footprint. In addition, the efficiency of additive manufacturing enables material-saving production, which reduces waste and minimises environmental impact.


The aluminium-silicon powder represents the state of the art in material technology and offers an unrivalled combination of lightness, strength, thermal conductivity and machinability. It is ideal for demanding applications in modern industry where the performance and reliability of materials are critical. By promoting sustainability and enabling innovative manufacturing methods, our powder makes a significant contribution to the development of future-proof technologies and products that push the boundaries of what is possible.

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