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You wish customised metal powder? We accompany you from the conception to the final product and always at a fair price.


Your experts for metal powder

As a family business with over 25 years of expertise in the field of metal powder ADVISE, PROCURE and ACCOMPANIMENT We guide you through every step of your production process.

Welcome to NMD GmbH - a dynamic, family-run company characterised by agility and short decision-making processes. With us, you communicate directly with the decision-makers: Managing Director Nadine Rajner and her father Walter Rajner are always personally available for you. 

We know the challenges of manufacturing industry and speak your language. With us, you can be sure that you will always get the Metal powder that are optimised for your individual process requirements. This allows you to bring your products to market faster and reduce your expenses for incorrect purchases or production delays.

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over 25 years

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51 Industries

197,358 kg
Metal powder in 2023

Over 305
satisfied customers

Metal powder

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Metal powder solutions for your business

3 points that distinguish our work and our metal powder solutions here at NMD from other suppliers:


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This is exactly the metal powder you need, that you need!

Our three-part process is independent and unique in the industry. Here we give you an insight into the details of this process:

And the best thing: Your requirements remain anonymous and protect you from the prying eyes of your competitors. This gives you a maximum competitive advantage.

Your specific powder requirements
+ Our expertise
+ anonymous procurement
= Your advantage on the market.

1. advised

We know the challenges of the manufacturing industry and speak your language. With us, you can be sure that you will always receive the powders that are optimised for your individual process requirements. This allows you to bring your products to market faster and reduce your expenses for incorrect purchases or production delays.

2. procure

With your requirements in mind, we scour the global market for you to find the ideal powders. Your advantage: Your identity remains hidden, which means that your competitors have no idea what your research and development team is currently working on - an effective protection against industrial espionage.

3. accompany

We are at your side throughout your project. We check every powder supplied to ensure that it complies with your specifications. Because our common goal is to ensure that your manufacturing process always runs smoothly and efficiently.

Your advantages

Your plus with NMD

At NMD GmbH, we are committed to helping our customers in the manufacturing industry achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.

Let's take a look at what you gain from a partnership with us:


With our procurement expertise and proven ability to implement processes around to accelerate up to 12%you eliminate delays and can bring your product to market faster. This gives you speed and efficiency.


With our customised powder selection, you not only increase the quality of your end products, but also REDUCE also PRODUCTION TIMES AND COSTS. Leave the time-consuming procurement of powders to us so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Your identity and your needs remain hidden from the market in order to protect your intellectual property and strengthen your competitive position in the long term.

Saving resources

Avoid costly incorrect purchases and production delays with our customised powder selection. This way you maximise your profits.

How to start a successful collaboration


1. easy contact

Do you already know which metal powder you need? Then send us your enquiry to:

Still unsure? No problem. Give us a call on :

+49 (0) 8031 271 06 0

and benefit from our independent advice.


2. rapid feedback

We will get back to you with your enquiry within 24 hours.

We carefully review the information you provide and assess the requirements for your specific powder.


3. customised advice

Together we explore your individual needs and possibilities.

With our independent, customised advice, we define your exact production requirements.

This is the first step towards efficient and successful co-operation.

More than just powder

Delay in delivery. Loss of quality. That doesn't have to be the case.

At NMD, we go further: our powder is not a standard off-the-shelf product. It is customised to you and your specific requirements - BECAUSE YOU DON'T PLAY WITH POWDER!

In contrast to impersonal large providers, we believe in the family character of our company. We are not a supplier.


Together, we will realise your vision of seamless, efficient and successful production. Because we know that: If you are successful, so are we.

Click on the button and start the dialogue with us now. Let's start your journey to 12% increased production efficiency.

Discretion is our currency

Discretion is our currency

We recognise the value of customer references and are proud of the results we achieve for our clients. However, we respect one thing above all: Your anonymity.

We therefore refrain from publicising specific customer successes here.

But take us at our word:
With Over 300 satisfied customers from 51 different industries we have proven that our discrete, customised approach works.

Your success is our best testimonial!

Metal powder

Our powders at a glance


Current insights from the world of NMD

NMD co-operates closely with research

NMD - New Materials Development GmbH works intensively with the research community to break down the boundaries between Science and industry to bridge the gap further.

As a pioneer in the metal powder industry, we are continuously expanding our network through partnerships with leading research institutions. This enables us to promote the development of advanced metal powders and alloys and enable us to offer innovative material solutions that set new standards in terms of performance and quality in various industries.

customer service

Do you have any questions?

Contact us for individual advice or our customer service on weekdays from 09:00 to 16:00.