Always remain human

For NMD, the topics are Ecology and sociality is not a fad in corporate communications, but has been a way of life since the company was founded around 25 years ago.

Sustainability at NMD

At that time, however, this topic was not yet called sustainability, but simply Humanity. A basic attitude that we have retained and that will also allow us to distinguish right from wrong in the future.


Recycling metals is active environmental protection

In contrast to plastics or chemical products, all forms of metals are Natural resources. Pure metal powders can be easily recycled and returned to the value chain or the circular economy. Compound powders, which are made up of several metals, can also be separated by type in the recycling process. 

Despite existing potential for improvement, the value chains for metals are already largely circular.

In principle, the following applies: Due to the unique material properties of metals, they can be used almost endlessly.

Closing the circle

As an expert in metal powders, we not only know everything about the procurement, processing and material composition of our products.

We will of course also be happy to advise you on the optimum preparation. Through the Professional recycling closes the production cycle.

In addition, waste volumes are reduced and demand for primary raw materials is kept at a stable level.

nmd circuit

Life is a resonance chamber

Value-orientated corporate management is the formula with which NMD maintains the delicate balance of give and take.

We realise projects not at any price, but at a fair price.

Fairness is when everyone wins!

We have known our suppliers for many years and attach great importance to compliance with defined social standards such as wage levels, occupational safety and social benefits. Everyone should benefit from the value chain. Our local partners, the NMD team and, of course, our customers.

With this principle, we focus on mutual success and long-term partnerships