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Our Aluminium powder stands for high quality and versatility and opens up innovative application possibilities in industry and research.

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Product description:

Aluminium powder is one of the classic metal powders. Depending on the product, the grain size can be between 50 nm and 2000 micrometres. The grain structure can be irregular, spherical or sponge-like. Aluminium powder is used, for example, in paints and varnishes, as a catalyst in the chemical industry, in the manufacture of medicines and cosmetics, in explosives and fireworks.

Finer powders are also processed further to produce aluminium-lithium alloys, for example. If it is cast or pressed into a mould in combination with other materials, the aluminium powder increases the impact strength, compressive strength and thermal conductivity of the moulding compound.

Aluminium powder, a material known for its versatility and impressive physical properties, plays a central role in numerous industrial and scientific applications. Its unique combination of light mass, high strength and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity makes it an indispensable material in modern technology and manufacturing. From its use in pyrotechnic applications to innovative uses in additive manufacturing, aluminium powder is revolutionising manufacturing processes and products in a wide range of industries.

Physical and chemical properties

Aluminium powder offers high reactivity and excellent conductivity due to its fine particle size and surface properties. These properties enable its use in applications that require fast and efficient heat or power conduction. In addition, aluminium is characterised by its resistance to corrosion and oxidation, which increases the durability and reliability of products and components made with aluminium powder.

Innovative applications and industries

In the pyrotechnic industry, aluminium powder is valued for its ability to create bright and colourful effects. It is a key ingredient in fireworks and military flare kits, where it provides brightness and intensity to the flames. In metallurgy, aluminium powder enables the production of high-strength alloys and composite materials thanks to its easy processability and thermal properties. In additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, aluminium powder opens up new possibilities for printing light and strong components that are used in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Sustainability and efficiency

The use of aluminium powder also contributes to sustainability by enabling the production of lighter components that lead to a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. In addition, the efficient production and processing of aluminium powder enables a reduction in material waste and thus promotes more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.


Aluminium powder is an outstanding material that pushes the boundaries of materials science and offers a wide range of applications in various industries. With its unique physical and chemical properties, it enables the development of products and technologies that are not only more powerful and efficient, but also more sustainable. Whether in pyrotechnics, metallurgy, additive manufacturing or as a coating material, aluminium powder is a key element that contributes to innovation and progress in modern industry and research.

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