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With Bismuth powder you have a versatile material that is characterised by a number of unique properties, making it ideal for diverse applications across different industries.

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Product description:

The element bismuth is also known as bismuth - both terms refer to the same substance. It belongs to the group of metals and is found in nature.

In industry, bismuth is traded as a lead substitute for steel alloys, as it improves machinability to a similar extent. Bismuth powder is available in various grain sizes between 10 and 100 micrometres.

Bismuth, an element with fascinating physical and chemical properties, can be found in a wide range of industrial and technological applications. As one of the few materials with a higher resistance to electrical and thermal conductivity than many of its metallic counterparts, bismuth powder offers unique advantages that make it indispensable for specialised applications. From its use in low-melting alloys and safety elements to medical and environmental applications and its role as a heavy metal substitute, bismuth powder is a versatile material that pushes the boundaries of traditional metalworking.

Low melting point for versatile applications

One of the outstanding characteristics of bismuth is its low melting point, which makes it an ideal material for the production of low-melting alloys and safety elements. This property allows bismuth to be used in applications where a fast and controlled melting reaction is required, such as in fire protection systems and electrical fuses. The easy handling and processing of bismuth powder opens up possibilities for innovative product developments and manufacturing processes.

Environmental friendliness and medical applications

Unlike many other metals, bismuth is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, making it a favoured choice for applications that require direct contact with the human body or take a sustainable approach. In medicine, bismuth is valued for its bactericidal properties and is used in a range of pharmaceutical products. It is also used in environmentally friendly technologies as a replacement for toxic elements in electronic devices and other applications that have traditionally relied on lead and other harmful materials.

High density and low thermal expansion

Bismuth's high density and low thermal expansion make it a valuable material for specialised applications where precision and stability are required. It serves as a heavy metal substitute in ballistic applications and weights, where its density is utilised without the environmental and health risks of lead. In addition, precision instruments and components that require minimal thermal expansion benefit from the unique properties of bismuth powder.


Bismuth powder is an exceptional material that enables a wide range of innovative applications in various industrial sectors thanks to its unique physical and chemical properties. Its low melting point, environmental friendliness and special thermal expansion make it a valuable material for developments that require both technical excellence and sustainability. Whether in manufacturing, medical or cosmetic products, bismuth powder offers a combination of performance and environmental compatibility that makes it an ideal choice for the challenges of the modern world.

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