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Our Copper powder is characterised by excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, which makes it an ideal material for a wide range of industrial applications.

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Product description:

Copper powder is used in additive manufacturing or for the production of technical lubricants and release agents for components subject to high thermal stress.

The grain size can be freely selected from fine to coarse, depending on the area of application. Ultra-fine copper powder can also have a grain size of just 50 nanometres. Copper powder has very good thermal and electrical conductivity. Typical grain sizes are < 45µm, < 63µm, < 75µm, < 100µm. You can enquire about other grain sizes!

Copper powder, an element with a rich history and an even more promising future, is at the centre of the development of innovative technologies and material sciences. With its exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity, copper powder opens up new horizons in a wide range of applications and industries, from electronics manufacturing to additive manufacturing. This finely ground powder combines the natural benefits of copper in a form that is both versatile and efficient.

Outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity

Copper is known for its outstanding electrical conductivity, which makes it a cornerstone in the manufacture of electronic components. Copper powder is used in a variety of applications, from the production of electronic circuits to conductive coatings, which are essential in modern electronics. It also offers efficient heat dissipation due to its high thermal conductivity, making it an ideal material for heat sinks and other thermal management systems.

Innovative applications in technology

The uses of copper powder are diverse and extend far beyond traditional applications. In additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, copper powder enables the production of complex parts with excellent electrical and thermal properties, revolutionising the development of components for the aerospace and automotive sectors and beyond. In addition, copper powder plays a crucial role in the energy industry, particularly in the production of batteries and supercapacitors, where it significantly improves efficiency and performance.

Sustainability and economic efficiency

In addition to its technical advantages, copper powder also offers economic and ecological benefits. By allowing material to be used precisely and efficiently, the use of copper powder in additive manufacturing helps to reduce waste and optimise production processes. In addition, the use of copper in renewable energy systems and efficient electronic components promotes a more sustainable future by reducing energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency.


Copper powder is a versatile and high-performance material that plays a key role in the development of new technologies and products. With its excellent electrical and thermal conductivities, it offers unrivalled opportunities for innovation in a wide range of applications. From electronics to additive manufacturing to the energy sector, copper powder enables the realisation of advanced solutions that prioritise efficiency, performance and sustainability. In a world that increasingly relies on advanced materials, copper powder is at the forefront of progress and innovation.

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