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Magnesium alloy powder WE43

Item number: 2823

The Magnesium alloy powder WE43 is a technologically advanced solution specially developed for demanding applications where high strength, ductility and corrosion resistance are required.

Special features:

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Product description:

Our magnesium alloy powder WE 43 has a spherical grain shape and a grain size of 15 - 53µm. It is packed in a 0.5kg vacuum bag, which is stored in a plastic container.

As one of the leading alloys in the world of lightweight materials, WE43 enables designers and engineers to significantly increase the performance of their products without compromising on safety and durability.

Technical features and advantages

The WE43 alloy is a magnesium-based alloy reinforced with rare earths such as yttrium and neodymium. This composition gives the alloy outstanding strength and resistance to high temperatures, making it an ideal choice for components that need to function in extreme conditions. Compared to other magnesium alloys, WE43 has superior creep resistance, which means it retains its shape and functionality better under prolonged stress.

In addition, WE43 offers excellent corrosion resistance, particularly to salt water and aggressive media, which increases its suitability for maritime and similarly challenging environments. The alloy also shows remarkable resistance to crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, further enhancing the safety and reliability of products made from it.

Areas of application

The versatility of WE43 extends across various industries. In the aerospace industry, the alloy enables the design of lighter but stronger components that contribute to greater fuel efficiency and improved performance. In the automotive sector, it helps to reduce the mass of vehicles, which in turn leads to lower fuel consumption and emissions. In the biomedical sector, WE43 is used for implants and orthopaedic devices due to its good biocompatibility and its density, which is close to that of human bone.

Sustainability and environmental compatibility

Magnesium alloys such as WE43 are increasingly recognised as environmentally friendly materials due to their recyclability and low environmental footprint. The use of WE43 supports companies' sustainability efforts by reducing energy consumption during the production phases and throughout the entire life cycle of the products.


WE43 magnesium alloy powder is at the forefront of material development for lightweight applications where high strength, excellent high temperature performance and corrosion resistance are required. With its remarkable versatility and adaptability, WE43 enables innovative solutions to the challenges of various industries and sets new standards for performance, safety and environmental responsibility.

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