Special metal powders

Special metal powder overview

Special metal powders are only produced by a few manufacturers worldwide. It's good if you have a reliable connection to these manufacturers. We can also procure the most customised products for your project.

We are your reliable source of supply for special metal powders such as

  • Vanadium powder
  • Calcined aluminium oxide powder
  • Silver powder & silver oxide powder
  • Bismuth powder
  • Indium powder
  • Lithium cobalt powder
  • Tantalum powder
  • Zirconium hafnium powder

The areas of application for special metal powders are highly specific.

Selecting the right speciality powders is much more complex than selecting standard powders. The choice of manufacturing processes is also generally very limited, as only a few plants are available worldwide.

NMD is happy to make its 25 years of experience available and thus continuously expand its knowledge base.

Machines run smoothly

because you have the right powder.

Consistently high quality

for your products because you can rely on our global supply chains.

Serenity and security

in your work, because you have us at your side as your partner.


Special metal powders

Customised metal powder

Precisely tailored to your needs