Solder powder

Solder powder overview

Efficiency with maximum precision. With our solder powders, you can achieve significantly more precise dispensing than with solder wires. A real advantage in the automation of production processes.

A basic distinction is made between Hard and soft soldering depending on the soldering temperature. NMD Metal Powders specialises in soldering powders and helps your company to match the powders for soldering for an ideal result.

Hard soldering with powder (temperature ~590°C)

AlSi7, AlSi10 and AlSi12 as well as aluminium and various aluminium alloys with stainless steel (CrNi steels) are mainly used for brazing. 

The solder powders we supply are characterised by a very low oxygen content and a consistently narrow grain distribution, which is a prerequisite for a stable soldering process.

Soft soldering with powder (temperature ~ 250°C)

These SnAgCu-containing solders are the replacement for the lead-containing solders used in the past. A typical representative is e.g. Sn96, 5Ag3Cu0, 5 (SAC305) with grain sizes < 45µm or < 25µm. 

The most important area of application for these solders is SMT (Surface Mounting Technology) in the electronics industry. Our solder powder is ideally spherical with a very narrow grain distribution and a very low oxygen content.

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Solder powder

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