Metal sulphides & solid lubricants

Metal sulphides & solid lubricants Overview

Do you have specific requirements? We have specific solutions!

You can rely on customised multiphase metal sulphide complexes from our tribology laboratory. Or order small quantities of your desired products for technical development.

High-performance metal sulphides

NMD supplies all metal sulphides, solid lubricants (dry lubricants) and highly specialised metal sulphide compounds for industrial applications.

NMD is also a source of metal sulphides with optimised physical properties. Manganese sulphide, tungsten disulphide, molybdenum disulphide and bismuth sulphide are some of the best-known representatives from the group of high-performance metal sulphides.

Sintered moulded parts - Powder metallurgy

Modern engine construction would be unthinkable without the use of metal sulphides such as MnS. On the one hand, they improve the machinability of sintered moulded parts, thereby reducing machining time and manufacturing costs. On the other hand, they improve the tribological properties such as the emergency running properties of the moulded parts.

Solid lubricants and Compounds

In principle, solid lubricants reduce friction at the interface between the tool and chip during machining. The direct result is a significantly longer tool life or an increase in productivity.

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Metal sulphides & solid lubricants

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