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Our Brass powder offers a unique combination of properties that make it indispensable for a wide range of industrial applications and manufacturing processes.

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Product description:

Brass powder is mainly used in the sintering industry, for friction and brake linings, in flame and plasma spraying, for diamond tools and as pigments. The material also has good electrical conductivity and high stability.

Brass is not a single starting material, but a copper alloy with a zinc content of usually 10 -30% (CuZn). Typical grain sizes are < 45µm, < 63µm and < 150µm. The particles are usually brittle or "flaky". Depending on the version, brass in powder form can also be used for grinding, polishing or as a colour pigment.

In the world of materials science and metallurgy, brass powder occupies a special place thanks to its outstanding properties and versatile applications. As an alloy consisting primarily of copper and zinc, brass powder combines the best properties of these metals to create a material with unrivalled conductivity, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength. This combination makes it an ideal candidate for a wide range of applications, from the manufacture of industrial components to ornate decorations.

Outstanding material properties

Brass powder is known for its excellent electrical conductivity, which makes it a favoured material for the manufacture of electrical contacts and components. It also offers outstanding corrosion resistance, making it ideal for use in humid and corrosive environments. These properties, combined with its aesthetic appeal, make it a popular material in jewellery manufacturing and decorative applications.

Application diversity and innovation

The possible applications of brass powder are extremely diverse. In powder metallurgy, it enables the production of precise components with complex geometries that cannot be achieved using conventional manufacturing methods. The high strength and ductility of brass promote the manufacture of components that are both strong and mouldable, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality.

In art and restoration, brass powder offers an ideal solution for the reconstruction and moulding of historical and artistic objects. Its ability to reproduce fine details, together with its attractive finish, makes it a favoured material for artists and restorers alike.

Sustainability and efficiency

The use of brass powder also supports the goals of sustainability and efficiency in production. By minimising waste and optimising material properties, it contributes to the creation of durable products that require less maintenance and have a longer service life. In addition, powder metallurgy enables more efficient material use and more precise component manufacturing, leading to a reduction in overall manufacturing costs.


Brass powder is an exceptional material that supports a wide range of applications in industry, art and beyond. With its excellent combination of conductivity, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, it opens up new possibilities for innovation and design. Its versatility and efficiency make it a valuable material for today's and tomorrow's challenges by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with traditional materials.

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