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NiZn ferrite powder

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NiZn ferrite powder is known for its exceptional high-frequency properties and its ability to minimise electromagnetic interference. It enables the development of compact, energy-efficient components that are crucial in modern communication and electronics applications.

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Product description:

Nickel-zinc (NiZn) ferrite powder is at the centre of advanced developments in the world of electronics and materials science. As a magnetic ferrite component containing both nickel and zinc oxide, this powder offers a unique combination of electrical and magnetic properties that make it indispensable for high-frequency applications. With a variety of applications ranging from RF circuits to EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) solutions, NiZn ferrite powder enables engineers to develop advanced products with high performance and reliability.

High-frequency properties and areas of application

NiZn ferrite powder is particularly valued for its high-frequency properties. It has a high magnetic permeability at frequencies from a few MHz to a few GHz, which makes it an excellent material for applications in RF (radio frequency) and microwave technology. These properties make it the ideal choice for the manufacture of components such as inductors and transformers used in circuits for telecommunications, signal transmission and data acquisition.

The high electrical resistivity of NiZn ferrite reduces eddy current losses and improves the overall performance of high frequency components. This makes it an effective material for use in filters, antennas and EMC applications where limiting interference and maintaining clear signals is of paramount importance.

Low losses and efficiency

One of the outstanding qualities of NiZn ferrite powder is its low magnetic losses at high frequencies. These low losses are critical to the efficiency of electronic components, particularly in power conversion devices, where they help to minimise heating and maximise energy efficiency. The ability to operate over a wide frequency range without compromising performance through heat loss is a key benefit in modern electronic systems.

Innovation in the electronics industry

NiZn ferrite powder is also of central importance in electronics production, where it is used to manufacture cores for inductors and transformers in switching power supplies and other power supply devices. Its high saturation magnetisation enables the miniaturisation of components, which contributes to the development of smaller, lighter and more efficient electronic devices.


NiZn ferrite powder is a key material in the electronics industry, characterised by its remarkable high-frequency properties, low losses and excellent magnetic properties. It enables the development of products and systems that are both powerful and energy efficient, contributing to innovation and progress in electronics and technology. With its versatility and performance, NiZn ferrite powder enables the design of devices that are more precise, reliable and efficient. The use of this advanced material supports the miniaturisation of electronic components while driving the development of solutions that improve electromagnetic compatibility and reduce disruptive interference in a variety of applications. In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and electronically orientated, NiZn ferrite powder is a crucial element that drives technological progress and makes a significant contribution to the electronic innovation landscape.

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