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SAC 305 T4 soldering powder

Item number: 2208

Our premium SAC 305 T4 soldering powder is the optimum choice for demanding soldering processes that require maximum precision and reliability.

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Product description:

SAC 305 T4 soldering powder (Sn96.5Ag3Cu0.5): A revolution in soldering technology

In the modern electronics and metalworking industry, the quality and reliability of soldered joints are crucial for the functionality and durability of products. The SAC 305 T4 soldering powder sets new standards in soldering technology by offering an optimal blend of performance, precision and reliability. This advanced soldering powder, consisting of 96.5% tin, 3% silver and 0.5% copper, is specially designed for demanding applications that require the highest soldering quality.

Optimised flow properties for precise applications

The T4 grain size of our SAC 305 soldering powder has been specially developed to ensure excellent flow properties. These ensure even distribution of the solder across the surfaces to be joined and enable precise placement even in complex solder joints. The improved flow properties result in clean, reliable joints with minimal defects, increasing production efficiency and reducing scrap rates.

Increased thermal stability for sensitive components

The unique composition of SAC 305 T4 solder powder offers improved thermal stability, which is particularly important for processing temperature-sensitive components. This property protects sensitive components from overheating and thermal damage, increasing the reliability and service life of the end products. Our formula minimises the risk of thermal damage and enables safe application in a wide range of soldering processes.

Durable and reliable soldered connections

With SAC 305 T4, you benefit from soldered joints that impress with their exceptional mechanical strength and resistance to environmental influences. These soldered joints effectively withstand daily stresses and offer long-lasting performance under various operating conditions. The special alloy composition ensures an optimum balance between flexibility and strength, which significantly increases the longevity of the joints.


The SAC 305 T4 soldering powder represents the pinnacle of soldering technology and offers an unrivalled combination of precision, reliability and performance. It is the ideal choice for manufacturers who want to optimise their soldering processes and raise the quality of their products to a new level. Whether in electronics manufacturing, the automotive industry or aerospace, the SAC 305 T4 sets new standards for solder joints. Choose SAC 305 T4 for your most demanding soldering requirements and benefit from the safety and quality your product deserves.

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