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SAC 405 T3 soldering powder

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Discover our SAC 405 T3 soldering powderyour first choice for high-quality soldering applications that require precision and durability.

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Product description:

SAC 405 T3 soldering powder (Sn95.5Ag4Cu0.5): A class of its own in modern soldering technology

In the ever-evolving world of electronics manufacturing and metalworking, choosing the right solder is critical to the quality and reliability of end products. Our SAC 405 T3 solder powder sets new standards in soldering technology and offers an optimal solution for high-quality soldering applications. With an advanced alloy composition of 95.5% tin, 4% silver and 0.5% copper, this solder powder has been specially developed to provide superior solder joints that can withstand the toughest demands.

Superior soldering quality due to improved wettability

Increasing the silver content to 4% in the SAC 405 T3 alloy significantly improves the wettability and flow properties of the solder. This leads to optimum distribution of the solder over the surfaces to be joined and enables the formation of strong, clean solder joints with minimal porosity and defect formation. The excellent wettability helps to maximise electrical conductivity and increase the reliability of electronic components.

Increased mechanical strength for demanding applications

SAC 405 T3 solder powder has been designed for its excellent mechanical strength, making it the ideal choice for applications operating under extreme or demanding operating conditions. The special alloy composition offers improved resistance to mechanical stress and vibration, which significantly increases the longevity and reliability of solder joints.

Optimised processing temperature for efficient production

By fine-tuning the alloy composition, our SAC 405 T3 solder powder enables an optimised processing temperature that minimises the risk of thermal damage to sensitive components. This lower processing temperature not only improves the efficiency of the soldering process, but also helps to reduce the thermal stress on components, resulting in higher product quality and lower failure rates.


SAC 405 T3 solder powder is more than just a solder; it is a comprehensive solution designed to meet the challenges of modern soldering requirements. Whether in electronics manufacturing, automotive or aerospace, this advanced solder powder provides the precision, strength and reliability needed to produce high-quality, long-lasting products. Choose SAC 405 T3 for your soldering processes and experience how it takes the quality and efficiency of your production to a new level.

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