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SN42BI57AG1 Soldering powder

Item number: 2348

The SN42BI57AG1 Soldering powder is an innovative solder alloy known for its excellent performance in high-quality electronic applications. This special composition offers numerous advantages.

Special features:

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Product description:

In the dynamic world of electronics manufacturing, where the demands for precision, reliability and performance are constantly increasing, SN42BI57AG1 solder powder is at the forefront of innovation. This alloy, consisting of 42% tin, 57% bismuth and a critical addition of 1% silver, offers an exceptional solution for modern soldering requirements. With an optimal balance between low melting temperature and improved mechanical strength, this solder powder fulfils the highest standards in the electronics industry.

Gentle processing due to low melting temperatures

One of the outstanding properties of SN42BI57AG1 is its low melting temperature, which enables gentle processing and minimises the risk of thermal damage to sensitive components. This property is particularly valuable in today's electronics manufacturing where components are becoming smaller and more sensitive. The ability to perform soldering processes at lower temperatures without compromising component integrity or functionality is a significant advantage.

Improved mechanical strength due to silver

The addition of 1% silver in the SN42BI57AG1 alloy is no coincidence, but a deliberate decision to improve the mechanical strength and long-term stability of soldered joints. Silver is known for its ability to increase the strength of solder joints without negatively affecting electrical conductivity. This improved strength is invaluable in applications that require high reliability and resistance to mechanical stress.

Excellent wettability and flowability

Another key advantage of SN42BI57AG1 solder powder is its excellent wettability and flowability. These properties ensure that the solder interacts effectively with the surfaces to be joined, resulting in clean and precise solder joints. The excellent wettability is particularly important for the production of high-quality connections that meet the demanding requirements of the electronics industry.

Conclusion: A superior choice for electronics production

SN42BI57AG1 solder powder represents a superior choice for modern electronics manufacturing, offering a combination of low melting temperature, improved mechanical strength and excellent wettability. This alloy is specifically designed to withstand the demanding conditions of modern soldering applications while ensuring component integrity and performance. For manufacturers looking for a reliable, high performance and versatile brazing alloy, SN42BI57AG1 offers the perfect solution.

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