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SN62PB36AG2 T4 Soldering powder

Item number: 2268

For demanding soldering projects where precision and reliability are paramount, the SN62PB36AG2 T4 Soldering powder unrivalled quality. This advanced soldering powder is specially designed for the highest performance requirements in the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries.

Special features:

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Product description:

In the highly specialised world of modern manufacturing technology, where the precision of solder joints plays a crucial role in the performance and longevity of end products, SN62PB36AG2 T4 solder powder sets new standards. This specially developed solder powder combines traditional materials with advanced technology to meet the needs of the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries.

Excellent soldered connections for maximum reliability

The unique composition of 62% tin, 36% lead and 2% silver in SN62PB36AG2 T4 guarantees solder joints of the highest quality. This alloy not only offers excellent mechanical strength, but also increased thermal resistance, making it ideal for applications exposed to extreme conditions. By using this solder powder, manufacturers can ensure that their products can withstand the toughest demands and provide reliable performance over a long period of time.

Precision and attention to detail thanks to fine grain

An outstanding feature of SN62PB36AG2 T4 soldering powder is its T4 grain size profile. This fine grit allows for exceptional precision and detail in application, making it an ideal choice for fine soldering and complex manufacturing processes. The improved flowability of the powder ensures uniform and clean solder joints, which are essential to ensure the integrity and functionality of the end products.

Versatility and compatibility for diverse requirements

The broad compatibility of the SN62PB36AG2 T4 soldering powder with various surfaces and soldering techniques makes it a versatile tool for a wide range of soldering requirements. Whether for wave soldering, reflow soldering or hand soldering, this solder powder offers consistently high performance and reliability. This flexibility enables manufacturers to optimise their production processes and increase efficiency while ensuring the quality of their products.

Conclusion: SN62PB36AG2 T4 - The choice for the highest demands

SN62PB36AG2 T4 solder powder is at the forefront of soldering technology and offers an unrivalled combination of performance, precision and reliability. With its superior alloy composition, fine grain size and broad compatibility, it fulfils the high demands of modern manufacturing processes. For industries that depend on the highest quality and durability of their products, SN62PB36AG2 T4 offers a reliable solution that ideally combines performance and precision.

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