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SN95SB5 Soldering powder

Item number: 2333

The SN95SB5 Soldering powder is an outstanding solution for applications that require high reliability and excellent soldering quality, especially in the electronics and automotive industries.

Special features:

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Product description:

In the dynamic field of manufacturing technology, where materials are constantly pushed to the limits of their performance, SN95SB5 solder powder offers a reliable solution that guarantees both quality and durability in solder joints. This specially developed alloy, consisting of 95% tin and 5% antimony, is tailored to the needs of the modern electronics and automotive industries and offers an optimum combination of thermal resistance and mechanical strength.

Optimised performance under extreme conditions

One of the outstanding features of SN95SB5 is its high thermal resistance. This property makes it particularly valuable for applications that are regularly exposed to high temperatures, such as in the automotive or aerospace industries. The ability to function reliably under these extreme conditions without losing performance ensures that products last longer and are safer.

Strength and reliability of soldered joints

The special composition of SN95SB5 solder powder, with an antimony content of 5%, not only contributes to its thermal resistance, but also significantly improves the mechanical strength of the solder joints. This increased strength is crucial for ensuring the longevity and reliability of electronic components and other critical components used in demanding environments. The resulting solder joints are not only stronger, but also more resistant to mechanical stress.

Versatility in application

In addition, SN95SB5 offers exceptional versatility in application. It is ideally suited to a wide range of soldering techniques, including reflow and wave soldering, making it a valuable tool in any production line. This flexibility allows manufacturers to optimise their production processes while increasing the quality and reliability of their products.

Conclusion: SN95SB5 - A soldering powder for the future

SN95SB5 soldering powder is the ideal choice for companies working in the electronics and automotive industries who do not want to compromise on the quality of their soldered joints. With its high thermal resistance, improved mechanical strength and broad applicability, SN95SB5 sets new standards in soldering technology. It offers a reliable solution designed to meet today's demands and tomorrow's challenges by ensuring the performance and durability of products in a wide range of applications.

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