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Our Titanium alloy powder combines the highest quality with outstanding mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, ideal for demanding industrial applications.

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Product description:

Titanium alloys are compounds of titanium and at least one other material. The mechanical properties of the titanium are changed or improved by the additive. Typical additives for titanium alloys are aluminium, vanadium, tin, molybdenum, zirconium and iron. Ti-6Al4V is the most commonly used titanium alloy.

Titanium alloys occupy a prominent position in the world of advanced materials science. Known for its superior combination of mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, this alloy has established itself as the material of choice for a wide range of demanding applications. From aerospace engineering to biomedicine and the automotive industry, this powder offers unrivalled advantages that enable innovative solutions and improvements in various technological fields.

Outstanding mechanical properties

The Ti-6Al-4V, an alloy of titanium with 6% aluminium and 4% vanadium, is characterised by its exceptional strength, which is achieved at a low weight. This combination makes it ideal for applications where both structural integrity and efficiency are critical. The specific mechanical properties of this alloy, including high tensile strength and excellent fatigue resistance, help to ensure the performance and reliability of components and structures under extreme conditions.

Outstanding corrosion resistance

In addition to its impressive mechanical properties, our titanium alloy powder offers excellent resistance to corrosion. This property is particularly valuable in environments that are susceptible to aggressive chemical influences, such as those found in the maritime industry, chemical processing and medical applications. The alloy's durability and resistance to corrosive elements helps to extend the life of products and reduce their maintenance costs.

Areas of application and innovations

The versatility of our titanium alloy powder extends to an impressive range of applications. In the aerospace industry, it is used for the manufacture of critical components such as aircraft engines and spacecraft structures, where strength and reliability are essential. In the medical field, Ti-6Al-4V has proved indispensable for the manufacture of implants and prostheses, where its biocompatibility and corrosion resistance enhance patient safety and comfort. In addition, the alloy is used in the automotive industry and in additive manufacturing, where it contributes to the development of lightweight but robust components that contribute to energy efficiency and the reduction of emissions.


Ti-6Al-4V is a key material that pushes the boundaries of innovation in numerous industrial and technological fields. With its superior combination of strength, lightness and corrosion resistance, it enables the development of products and systems that are both powerful and durable. Its wide range of applications and potential for future development make Ti-6Al-4V an indispensable part of materials science and a driver of technological progress.

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