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Tungsten carbide powder

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Tungsten carbide powder offers a superior solution for applications requiring extreme hardness, wear resistance and thermal resistance.

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Product description:

Tungsten carbide (also known as tungsten monocarbide) is a compound of the metal tungsten and carbon. Tungsten carbide powder can be produced directly so that no further comminution steps are necessary, depending on the application and desired grain size (naturally between 0.5 and 10 micrometres).

The material is used as a hard metal and is used to manufacture tools such as drills. Decorative jewellery rings are also sometimes made from tungsten carbide.

Tungsten carbide powder is at the centre of advanced materials science and engineering, where it plays a key role due to its unique properties. Known for its extreme hardness, which is surpassed by only a few materials such as diamond, as well as its excellent wear resistance and thermal stability, tungsten carbide has established itself as an indispensable material in many industrial applications. From the manufacture of heavy-duty tools to use in aerospace technology, tungsten carbide enables the development of products that can withstand the toughest demands.

Outstanding hardness and wear resistance

The outstanding hardness of tungsten carbide makes it an ideal material for the manufacture of cutting tools, drill bits and other wear parts used in demanding environments. These properties allow tools to retain their sharpness and shape over longer periods of time, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for frequent replacements. In addition, the exceptional wear resistance of tungsten carbide provides increased reliability and durability for components used in highly abrasive or corrosive environments.

High thermal resistance

Another characteristic feature of tungsten carbide is its high thermal resistance. This makes it particularly valuable for applications where materials are exposed to extreme temperatures without losing performance. In the aerospace industry, where components are exposed to high temperatures and extreme environmental conditions, tungsten carbide enables the development of parts that fulfil these demanding specifications.

Wide range of applications

The possible applications of tungsten carbide are diverse and extend far beyond the examples mentioned above. In metalworking, mining and the oil and gas industry, tungsten carbide is used to improve the performance and durability of tools and machine parts. It is also used in the manufacture of jewellery, where it is valued for its scratch resistance and metallic lustre.


Tungsten carbide powder is a material that pushes the boundaries of performance and durability in many industrial and technological fields. With its exceptional hardness, wear resistance and thermal stability, it offers a reliable solution to the challenges faced by designers and engineers. For applications requiring the ultimate in material performance, tungsten carbide is an unrivalled choice that increases efficiency and extends the life of products and components.

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