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Our Zinc powder is a high-quality material known for its versatility and excellent properties in various industrial applications.

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Product description:

Zinc powder is one of the classic metal powders. It is available with larger particles as well as extremely fine zinc dust with a grain size of just a few micrometres.

Depending on the particle size and grain shape (spherical, flaky), zinc powder can be used in a wide variety of areas: Grinding and polishing, applications in powder metallurgy and the chemical industry, processes such as thermal spraying and hard and soft soldering or as an additive in paints and battery fillings. Zinc provides a high level of corrosion protection for iron materials, for example.

Zinc powder, a metal with a rich range of industrial applications, has become indispensable in various industries due to its unique properties and potential to improve products and processes. From anti-corrosion coatings to chemical reactions, zinc powder offers a combination of effectiveness and versatility that makes it a valuable component in modern manufacturing and research.

Corrosion protection and durability

One of the most remarkable properties of zinc powder is its excellent corrosion protection. When used in protective coatings, often in the form of galvanisation or as a component of paints, zinc powder provides durable protection for metal structures against environmental influences. This protective coating sacrifices itself to protect the underlying metal from corrosion, which is particularly invaluable in marine and industrial applications.

Diversity in chemical reactions

The chemical reactivity of zinc powder makes it a versatile reducing agent in organic synthesis, where it is used to produce a variety of chemical compounds. In addition, zinc plays a crucial role in energy storage, particularly in zinc-air batteries, where it is favoured for its energy efficiency and availability. These applications emphasise the central role of zinc powder in the development of sustainable technologies and energy solutions.

Application diversity across industry boundaries

In addition to corrosion protection and use in chemical reactions, zinc powder is used in a variety of other areas. In agriculture, it is used as an essential micronutrient element in fertilisers to promote plant growth and improve soil quality. In the pharmaceutical industry, zinc contributes to health and nutritional products, and its role in human health and nutrition is recognised. Zinc powder is also used in the production of alloys that offer specific properties such as increased strength and resistance to wear.

Sustainability and future developments

The demand for zinc powder also reflects a growing awareness of sustainable materials and processes. By improving the longevity of products and supporting environmentally friendly technologies, zinc powder contributes to more sustainable industrial practices. Future developments in the application of zinc powder promise further improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of materials and technologies across a wide range of applications.


Zinc powder is an exceptional material that stands out for its versatility and its positive impact on a wide range of industries and technologies. Whether in anti-corrosion coatings, chemical production, energy storage or agriculture, the applications of zinc powder are as diverse as the benefits it offers. Its role in promoting sustainable practices and technologies also emphasises the importance of zinc as a key component in the materials science and industry of the future.

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